The State of Global Trade in the Automotive Industry

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November 16, 2018
Global Business Professor’s latest Audio Interview, “The State of Global Trade in the Automotive Industry” features Daniel Earnst, Head - Automotive & Manufacturing for IntegrationPoint Global Solutions Group, and automotive global trade expert.
In the 7-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Earnst discusses:
1.       How have the retaliatory tariffs, specifically Section 301 with steel and aluminum affected the automotive industry?
2.       What aspects of the new USMCA should the automotive industry be aware of?
3.       What are best in class importers/exporters doing to mitigating changes?
About Daniel Earnst:
Daniel Earnst has 5 years of experience handling global solutions for companies around the world. He works with Integration Point clients on each major continent, and specializes in creating solutions that work for automotive companies, especially in the wake of changing global trade. Mr. Earnst has a degree in Corporate Communications with a concentration in Logistics and Supply Chain management from the College of Charleston. Before joining Integration Point Daniel worked at Mediterranean Shipping Company in various roles mastering the freight side of the business from end to end.
Click here to listen to the Audio Interview:
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