''The Brazil Automotive Industry: Prospects for 2019-2020” Interview with Julian Semple, Brazil automotive industry expert

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July 31, 2019’s latest Audio Interview, “The Brazil Automotive Industry: Prospects for 2019-2020” features Julian G. Semple, Auto Industry Consultant of Brazil-based CARCON Automotive, and Brazilian automotive industry expert.

In the 10-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Semple discusses these questions:
  • How is the Brazilian auto market recovering from the recession (2015-2016), and what are prospects for 2019 and 2020?
  • What about Argentina, this year they are dropping more than 50%, when will it recover?
  • What about all of South America, what are prospects for the auto industry this year?
  • Finally, after twenty of negotiation, EU and Mercosur signed a free trade agreement on June 28. How will this affect the auto industry?
  • And provides final thoughts.
About Julian G. Semple:
Mr. Semple is a consultant and manager at CARCON Automotive in Brazil, focusing in market intelligence, forecasts, product and business strategy studies in the Brazilian and South American automotive segment.  The Company’s clients include major automotive OEM’s and automotive parts and systems suppliers. CARCON Automotive is also exclusive LMC Automotive's representative for South America. Mr. Semple developed his career in the automotive segment at Visteon and Ford focused in business strategy, cost management, manufacturing and product development in South America and North America. He has an engineering degree and MBA in business strategy.
Click here to listen to the Audio Interview
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