SolvIT launches new app Ryngly, changing the way you inform your team.

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February 05, 2021

Rochester Hills, Mich., Feb. 5, 2021 -- SolvIT, Inc.'s newest technology solution is making mass communications and notifications simple and effective!  Meet Ryngly: the perfect platform to quickly and easily send or schedule alerts and conference calls.  

Need to collaborate on disaster response? Trying to send an update that the building is closed? How about notifying parents that hockey practice is canceled? With Ryngly, users can immediately reach the necessary groups of people by creating and sending a customized text, email, or voice alert.  With the ability to configure contact groups, an alert can even be pre-configured allowing for single-click notifications.  Alerts are one-way communications that typically work best to inform or update the masses.  

If an incident requires two-way communications, collaborating with Ryngly is also a breeze.  All conference calls dial out to participants, simply answer the phone and everyone is connected.  These calls can be sent at a moment's notice or scheduled to ensure all participants are connected at the desired time with zero fuss.    

Ryngly can also manage and gather contacts.  Have someone's email but not sure how to directly reach them for a conference call?  Simply add their email to the call and sit back!  The participant will get an email requesting their desired phone number. Once collected their information will automatically be updated in Ryngly.   Looking to gather new contacts without the tedious task of reaching out one by one?  Create an invite link allowing participants to enter their contact information.  

SolvIT is excited to offer a streamlined and affordable solution for anyone looking to be free from the commitments of subscription-based services.  Ryngly is built on pay-as-you-go pricing.  Whether using Ryngly once a day or once a year, users can be sure they are only paying for what they use.  With both a desktop and mobile app available, Ryngly is the perfect solution for group communication needs!  

For more information on Ryngly, visit  Information can also be requested via email to or 

About SolvIT 

SolvIT Inc. is a global technology solutions provider delivering best-in-class IT innovations by advancing, streamlining, and developing new technologies and strategies to meet company's needs. 

Since its formation in 1999 as Security Inspection, Inc. by Paul and Erica Miner, the company has relocated from the Miner’s garage in Ortonville to Rochester Hills, MI, grown to provide help desk and custom technology solutions to automotive dealerships worldwide, launched a subsidiary company in Authen2cate to support identity and access management solutions, earn multiple Top Workplace awards from the Detroit Free Press, as well as launch Ryngly as a communications solution. 

Since SolvIT's humble beginnings, we have grown to a company of over 140 employees implementing solutions and assisting customers around the world! For more information, visit 

Courtland Burgess, Technical Sales Consultant


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