PROLIM and Edge2Web Partner to deliver high-value IIoT Solutions

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October 14, 2019

Plano, TX, USA, October 14, 2019, PROLIM, one of the fastest-growing IoT, IT and PLM services company is excited and proud to announce its partnership with Edge2Web. This partnership will be a collaboration between Edge2Web and PROLIM to build robust cloud-based visual industrial applications by leveraging PROLIM’s technical expertise and domain knowledge of IoT and MindSphere.

“With Edge2Web and MindSphere partnerships, PROLIM now has an added advantage of developing complex IIoT applications easily and quickly. Our IoT team recently demonstrated this capability with their Windmill monitoring project using Edge2Web and MindSphere” said Ashwini Patil, VP Information Technology at PROLIM.

“We are excited to partner with PROLIM to deliver advanced digital solutions to industrial customers worldwide,” said Fred Holahan, co-founder, and CEO at Edge2Web. “PROLIM’s proven expertise, combined with Edge2Web’s unique app development platform, enables our customers to accelerate their digital industrial initiatives.”

PROLIM and Edge2Web together will provide a complete end to end IIoT solutions and help our existing and future customers achieve innovative digital outcomes. Edge2Web’s visual tools can integrate data and applications across a growing portfolio of IoT, IT and enterprise cloud environments. Edge2Web’s secure SaaS-based platform minimizes IT disruption while scaling elastically to meet a wide range of industrial use cases.
About Edge2Web

Edge2Web is a visual app development platform that enables users to quickly and easily build a wide range of industrial applications. Edge2Web’s integration with MindSphere gives developers easy access to MindSphere’s core data services including Assets, Timeseries, Analytics, and Events. Edge2Web Director’s visualization library allows developers to build complex dashboards quickly and easily with minimal coding.

PROLIM  is a leading provider of end-to-end IoT, IT and PLM solutions for 400+ customers in Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare and Industrial Machinery with global operations in the USA, Canada, Europe and India. PROLIM helps customers to improve profitability and efficiency by providing high-value IoT, IT and PLM technology services.
Media Contact

Rich Solti, Vice President of Sales
(248) 522-6044


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