Oakland University launches fully online MBA program

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June 24, 2020

Starting this fall, students will be able to earn a Master of Business Administration entirely through online classes. 

OU’s MBA program was already online-friendly, with 13 of 16 required courses offered online. Making the remaining required courses available online makes the program even more accessible, while maintaining the same commitment to academic quality.

“The online format has a lot of benefits in terms of flexibility, remote learning and self-pacing,” said Nivedita Mukherji, associate dean and associate professor in OU’s School of Business Administration. “Many MBA students are also working professionals with young families, so the online option is very appealing.”

Students who enroll in the Online MBA program will be able to complete all required courses online, while still having the option to take classes on campus. They will also have access to on-campus resources.

“Even if students choose to take all or most of their classes online, they may still come to campus to use the library, network with other students, meet with professors and advisers, and attend events,” Mukherji said. “The beauty of the Online MBA program is that it doesn’t take away any of the on-campus options." 

The Online MBA program is between 36-48 credits (excluding prerequisites) depending on the student’s prior academic preparation. To learn more about the program, visit oakland.edu/online-MBA.

Eric Reikowski, Public Information Specialist
esreikow@oakland.edu, (248) 370-4348