Dynamics Group Adds CNC Lathe to Become Full-Service Prototype and Production Supplier for Machining

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March 17, 2021

Jonathon Tamm
Dynamics Group
Dynamics Group Adds CNC Lathe to Become Full-Service Prototype and Production Supplier for Machining.
Based in Madison Heights, Michigan, Dynamics Group helps companies design & engineer their tools, prototypes, and parts. For more information, visit, or email
“We are proud to announce the addition of our new Crown CNC Lathe. This addition offers an unprecedented value to our customers, allowing them to have one supplier for both milling and turning. Previously, we’ve had to outsource turning work as we lacked the equipment to produce turned parts. Now we can do turning operations in house, which helps bring our cost down and be more competitive to our customers.”
Says Jonathon Tamm, Executive Vice President of Business Development
Features and benefits of having the CNC Lathe include
· Shorter Lead Time to Produce a Part or Assemblies
· Cost Reduction compared to outsourcing.
· Being a true one-stop-shop for customers looking for machining solutions 

Product Availability

This service is available immediately, and we look forward to working with engineers, operations and purchasing to provide solutions for their challenges.
Founded in 2014, Dynamics Group is an engineering and prototyping leader focused on providing engineering and manufacturing solutions.
Dynamics Group and Product are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Dynamics Group in the United States and other countries.
Jonathon Tamm, (248) 670-0264


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