New Initiative Begins to Honor 100 Top Women across the Cyber and Mobility Industries

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January 30, 2019

DETROIT, Mich. This month an exciting initiative takes flight, the Top 100 Women in Cyber and Mobility. Launched in last December by The NEXT Education, a training and certification company specializing in Connected Mobility and Cyber Security, the new initiative is honoring extraordinary women for their excellence in these rapidly evolving fields.

As cities progress toward Smart City infrastructure, a plethora of new career paths have become available for workers. Even better, the market's demand for talent is all-inclusive. However, these opportunities need to be communicated effectively. By highlighting top women involved in these advanced technologies, more will be encouraged to consider the new career paths. As Jennifer Tisdale, Director of Connected Mobility and Infrastructure Security Programs at GRIMM Cyber Research puts it:

“We must encourage more women to enter the fields of cybersecurity and mobility. Philosophically, these innovative industries demand a diverse workforce comprised of innovative, creative problem-solvers with unique backgrounds, perspectives, and passion for positively impact the world around them. We are experiencing the rise of many new technological positions, and the number of needed positions will only continue to rise for the jobs of tomorrow. Let's celebrate all of the women on the list of the Top 100 Women in Cyber and Mobility and recognize them as positive agents of change for these emerging industries and cheer the women who will make the decision to follow a similar path.”
Elaina Farnsworth, CEO, and President of The NEXT Education is excited to share these exceptional women for their executive-level and leadership. The motivation behind the Top 100 Women in Cyber and Mobility is to support female ambition in the new connected economy. As Farnsworth stated:
“We believe the best approach for supporting future women leaders starts by developing a network with our shared view. Getting everyone on the same page is critical, but together, and through leadership, the entire industry can drive at the same pace as professional female ambition.”
Also, the initiative’s goal is to strengthen female excellence, confidence, and promote the community’s objectives as the connected economy continues to evolve around the needs of autonomous vehicles. 
The first two honorees of the Top 100 Women in Cyber and Mobility are Regina Hopper, SVP Global Public Policy for GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. and Alisyn Malek, the COO and Co-Founder of May Mobility, Inc.
Regina Hopper is the SVP Global Public Policy for GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. as well as the volunteer CEO of the Miss America Organization. She was the President and CEO of The Intelligent Transportation Society of America until July 2017. Prior to this, she was President and CEO of America's Natural Gas Alliance. Prior to ANGA, she was the executive vice president of the United States Telecom Association.
Alisyn Malek is the COO and Co-Founder of May Mobility, Inc. May Mobility is developing and deploying self-driving technology to transform transportation. She was formerly the head of the innovation pipeline at General Motors. Prior to that role, she was an investment manager at GM Ventures. During her tenure there, she led the investment in the autonomous space, including the early negotiations with Cruise Automation, helping to cement GM’s autonomous strategy. As an automotive engineer, she led a global team to develop SAE Level 3 charging technology for GM’s Spark and Bolt EV products, as well as supporting the release of electrical components for the first-generation Chevy Volt.
Malek has been recognized as one of the Top Ten Female Innovators to Watch by Smithsonian in 2018, named a top automotive professional under 35 to watch by LinkedIn in 2015 for her work in cutting-edge product development and corporate venture, and identified as a Crain’s Detroit 20 in their 20’s awardee for her work in engineering and deployment of advanced charging systems.
The Top 100 Women in Cyber and Mobility will continue to honor remarkable women every month. In 2019, The NEXT Education will be aligning these extraordinary women recognized for their excellence in these evolving fields. The company’s core belief is that the best workforce is the one that is inclusive and continuously upskills as technologies shift.
The NEXT Education is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan with offices in Sterling Heights and Pontiac. They deliver courses from subject matter experts in Cyber Security, Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), as well as mobility team leadership. Closing the skills gap and certifying a strong, credentialed talent pool for the connected and autonomous vehicle sector is their mission.
Josh El'Chonen, Marketing & Communications

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