New Data: Impacts of USMCA on the Global Auto Supply Chain

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January 11, 2019
GlobalAutoIndustry’s latest Audio Interview, “New Data: Impacts of USMCA on the Global Auto Supply Chain” features Rajesh Kalidindi (Founder & CEO) and Richard Barnett (Sr. VP Marketing) of Levadata Inc.  Both are supply chain experts.
In the 17-minute Audio Interview, Kalidindi and Barnett discuss:
1.       What are the long-term benefits of USMCA? What are the drawbacks?
2.       How will the automotive supply chain industry be impacted by USMCA?
3.       Why are the threats of tariffs on Chinese goods going to cause major concerns for the automotive industry in the coming years?
4.       Do you have any tips for automotive industry executives going forward?
About Rajesh Kalidindi and Richard Barnett:
Rajesh has over twelve years of experience managing strategic sourcing and supplier management for multiple commodities and third-party manufacturing operations. He’s delivered significant bottom-line savings through data-driven procurement practices for Cisco and Palm. An MBA with concentrations in supply chain management and information systems from Michigan State University, he is a thought leader on fusing human with artificial intelligence for procurement innovation.
Richard believes that a customer’s success is his success. Over his twenty year career, he’s worked for both scrappy start-ups, supply chain innovators like i2 Technologies and GT Nexus, and tech luminaries like Microsoft. He is passionate about driving massive performance improvements through the latest in AI technologies. Richard has dual degrees from Stanford University in Political Science and International Policy Studies.
Click here to listen to the Audio Interview:
Ronald Hesse, Chairman & CEO

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