National Certification for Supply Chain Automation

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October 06, 2020
New nationally-accredited certifications for supply chain automation have been launched by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) in conjunction with the National Center for Supply Chain Automation (NCSCA). Key leaders from these organizations will present the Certified Technician in Supply Chain Automation (CT-SCA) credentials in an upcoming free webinar on Wednesday, October 14th
Joining these organizations will be Amatrol, Inc. who developed the Skill Boss Logistics, a hands-on system for training and assessing individuals for the CT-SCA certification, and ATS-LAB Midwest, the Midwest’s premiere provider of skills-based learning systems, curriculum and certifications.
The global supply chain is becoming more complex, automated, efficient and vital than ever before. Every single organization in the world depends on the work of individuals who are highly skilled in supply chain automation technologies.
Based on industry-driven research, The National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded NCSCA and MSSC developed three stackable ISO 17024 certifications to assess and validate individuals skilled in supply chain automation. The credentials focus on a series of skilled areas: Equipment Maintenance (CTSCA-EM), Equipment Repair (CTSCA-ER) and Network Repair (CTSCA-NR). 
Amatrol, working closely with MSSC and NCSCA, has developed the Skill Boss Logistics, a bench-sized sorting and distribution system that comprises many of the components and skills used the logistics and distribution sectors. This system can teach and assess over 100 hands-on skills that today’s technicians need in supply chain automation, including operation, equipment maintenance and repair. 
Additional contributing partners in the development of the CT-SCA certification include the Material Handling Industry (MHI), NOCTI, and the Material Handling Distributors Association (MHEDA).
Attendance to the webinar is free of charge and open to the public. Click here to register.
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