Mike Ilitch School of Business professor receives $50K grant to produce labor videos

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October 19, 2017

Marick F. Masters, professor of management in the Mike Ilitch School of Business and director of Labor@Wayne, received a $50,000 grant from the National Academy of Arbitrators Research and Education Foundation to produce two videos pertaining to employment mediation and employment arbitration. 

“Employment mediation and arbitration are dispute-resolution techniques used increasingly to resolve disagreements between employers and employees in the non-union private sector,” Masters said. “These techniques and their applications have significant legal and public-policy implications.”  

A recent study published by the Economic Policy Institute indicates that close to 54 percent of private sector non-union employers use employment arbitration, and that 65 percent of employees in this sector are covered by such arrangements.

The videos will be produced at Wayne State University over the next year. They are intended to serve as resources for dispute-resolution specialists including mediators and arbitrators, attorneys representing employees and employers, and educational programs that deal with dispute resolution, labor and employment relations, and human resource management. 

In 2016, Masters created the training video “How Labor Arbitration Works: The Case of the Contaminated Kitchen,” which is based on a real case and features nationally known arbitrator George Roumell. A preview is available on YouTube, and the video can be purchased online.

Marick Masters, Director, Labor@Wayne
marickm@wayne.edu, (313) 577-5358