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October 04, 2018
PLYMOUTH, MI– The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) has developed a comprehensive, introductory-level Manufacturing Process Development course designed for those new to the manufacturing industry. Spanning two days with four half-day sessions, the course introduces attendees to such topics as Quality Management Systems, Problem Solving Skills, Lean Manufacturing and Culture & Motivation.
Created in response to the growing workforce challenges facing manufacturers, including lack of interest in manufacturing careers and lack of talent available to fill positions, The Center’s “Manufacturing Process Development” course aims to provide a foundational understanding of the processes, approach and culture needed to run an effective and efficient operation.
“As baby boomers continue to age out of the industry and take their knowledge and expertise with them, this course serves to provide incoming workers with the education necessary to successfully contribute to a manufacturing operation,” said Robert Lyscas, Vice President of Manufacturing Services at The Center. “Additionally, this course is fit for those looking to gain a refresher on the basic elements of the industry or employees transitioning to different departments within a manufacturing organization.”
Over two days of instruction, participants will gain an understanding of:
  • Quality Management Systems – This session will introduce the student to the systems and processes necessary to deliver a conforming product on time and satisfy the customer by controlling variation in the process.
  • Problem Solving Skills – This session will introduce various tools and techniques available for problem solving in the manufacturing environment, focusing on the ability to identify the problem, isolate the root cause, and document the entire process. Discussions, exercises and logical thinking will be used.
  • Lean Manufacturing – This session will cover Lean principles and techniques and how they can be applied to maximize customer value, minimize waste and reduce cost. Students also will gain knowledge of the eight types of waste that exist in every organization and what constitutes a value-added process. A hands-on simulation will be used to demonstrate Lean tool application.
  • Culture & Motivation – In this session students will learn methods and means for corporate/operational communication along with motivational techniques. Conflict Management also will be covered.
The first course will be held Nov. 28-29 at The Center’s corporate office in Plymouth, Mich. More details about the Manufacturing Process Development course and a schedule of upcoming classes can be found at www.the-center.org/Classes/Leadership/Manufacturing-Process-Development
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Jeff Schultz
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