Macomb-OU Incubator awarded $16,500 for client Commander Innovations

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August 25, 2017
The Macomb­-OU Incubator (Mac­-OU Inc) has been awarded $16,500 in Business Accelerator Funds (BAF) from the State of Michigan to provide accelerator services to its client company Commander Innovations.

Commander Innovations has developed a unique power management and protection system for lithium-ion batteries. Their product uses unique package design, special coatings, efficient power storage, and enhanced communication data-bus capabilities to improve the capacity of the enclosed batteries. This innovative solution is critical to supporting increased demand within the electrical vehicle market, off-road trucking industry, Department of Defense systems and commercial aviation.

“Through Mac-OU Inc, we have received great support to establish opportunities and business connections. This has been extremely helpful in getting our startup moving forward, and without their assistance we would have struggled,” said Kevin Griffin, Commander Innovation’s president and minority owner.

This BAF award will allow Commander Innovations to secure legal protection through patents and trademarks, as well as to develop a website to professionally communicate the technology and bolster the company’s branding and sales literature.

BAF awards are an initiative of the State of Michigan’s 21st Century Jobs Fund Program and are distributed by the Michigan Small Business Development Center through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Michigan’s network of business accelerators. Mac-OU Inc is the leading BAF award winner in the State, having garnered nearly $700,000 in BAF funds to assist its client companies in the last 5 years, allowing it to successfully deliver specialized business acceleration services to companies commercializing advanced technology.
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Media Notes:

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The Macomb-Oakland University Incubator supports economic development in Southeast Michigan by accelerating high-tech businesses, cultivating academic innovation and encouraging research & development. To help small businesses grow, the incubator creates customized success strategies for startup and emerging companies in the niche industries of defense, homeland security, advanced manufacturing and technology. For more information, visit the incubator website at
Joan Carleton, Marketing & Communications Manager, (586) 884-9324


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