Ionburst (US) launches novel ‘self-defending and self-repairing data’ security on Amazon Web Services

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August 31, 2020

Tech innovator Ionburst — which offers ultra-secure distributed public, hybrid and multi-Cloud storage — today launched its Ionburst Flex and Flex Monthly products from its US headquarters in Cadillac, Michigan.

Exclusive to AWS users, Ionburst Flex is an easy-to-adopt, self-service, pay-as-you-go solution for developers and small and micro businesses. It costs just $0.01 per transaction and $0.03 per GB per month storage. For organizations managing limited budgets, Flex Monthly delivers privacy and on-demand recovery of any data anytime from $25 a month.

“With over 8.5 billion Cloud records exposed in 2019 due to poor migrations, misconfiguration and human error, today’s data security isn’t working for Cloud data. 

Ionburst’s novel ‘self-defending and self-repairing’ security innovations fix these problems. Ionburst also seamlessly protects and recovers data in Cloud stores exposed to ransomware attacks and malicious actors,’’ says Anne Lanc, Chief Executive Officer of Ionburst (US) LLC and Former International Treasury Director of BlackRock.

Ms Lanc adds: “It’s only when organizations move to the Cloud that its unique complexities become clear. That’s when they learn that Cloud data privacy, recovery and security pose different challenges to those on premise. That’s where Ionburst excels.”

Ionburst Flex embeds patent applied and pending innovations in data privacy and recovery that exceed the demands of data protection regulations such CCPA, HITECH, HIPAA and GDPR. These mandate customer responsibility to keep data private when handled by third parties like Cloud providers. Ionburst Flex is designed to keep data safe and secure wherever it’s stored, by whoever, in the US or elsewhere.”

Ionburst Flex’s advanced data resilience typically reduces storage by half, reducing carbon and financial costs for its customers. 

Ionburst Flex is ideal for organizations with limited budgets and stringent data privacy demands. It delivers lower storage overheads with hardened security and on-demand recovery than today’s backup systems. Ionburst Flex means organizations can migrate to AWS with confidence,” she explains.

In one affordable solution, Ionburst Flex protects even the smallest American business with the latest advances in data protection and recovery. It can be integrated via its API or open source SDKs in under 15 minutes.

"We believe Ionburst is a game-changer in Cloud data security. It’s not the Cloud we know. It’s the Cloud we deserve.'' says Ms Lanc, CEO.

For more information, see the Ionburst website or visit AWS Marketplace

Peter Lanc, Executive Director, Business Development , Ionburst (US) LLC, (231) 920-0010


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