Ghafari Supports INCOE’s New Global Headquarters Facility

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September 24, 2018
The firm’s interactive consulting and team management approach allowed for timely decisions regarding the facility’s spatial, operational, and environmental dynamics.
Dearborn, MI - Plastics industry leader INCOE Corporation USA announced a successful move into their new 138,000 SF global headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.
The $20+ million state-of-the-art facility was designed to improve operational efficiency within the organization by situating dependent processes in closer proximity to one another. Within the office area, open collaboration spaces along high traffic pathways have been created to provide casual meeting spaces. The 85,000 SF manufacturing area was designed around a central space containing Quality Control, Inventory Management and shop offices to maximize process flow.
INCOE initially engaged Ghafari in an owner’s representative role for the headquarters. Over the course the project, our scope expanded to encompass architecture, interior design, and engineering services. Among other project elements, our team helped customize the manufacturing layout for INCOE’s specific needs, and also provided interior office design recommendations in line with workplace trends.
“We couldn’t have done this without the expertise of Ghafari,” said Courtney Seres, VP Corporate Administration and building project manager for INCOE. “We know hot runner systems but we’re not facility experts. We know what we wanted for our employee experience inside the new building, and Ghafari helped realize these expectations with guidance on best practices for current facility trends. The results are stunning.”
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Sydney Dunn, Marketing Team Member
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