FZ Partners with Samsara

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April 06, 2021

As an Industry 4.0 technology integrator, FZ constantly seeks out the best platform options for our customers. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Samsara, an IoT solutions platform that brings cloud solutions to manufacturing operations.

Samsara acts as a wireless gateway in connecting PLCs to the cloud. Users can take advantage of its integrative dashboard tools and the multiple features it offers such as data storage, electronic visualizations, and I/O connectivity. It also offers reporting capabilities, multiple protocol connectivity, and alert systems.

Manufacturers can rely on Samsara’s cloud connectivity to increase system agility and ease of access while maximizing plant floor efficiency. As an all-in-one IoT package, it streamlines operations and I4.0 integration.

As a partner with Samsara, FZ is a one stop shop for connecting remote processes that are difficult to network. FZ can determine and provide the right solution for your needs, then handle installation, configuration, and maintenance.

E.B. Sonheim, Marketing Manager


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