Feyen Zylstra Partners with Kepware

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April 12, 2021

In today’s manufacturing environment, it is impractical to think that you need the newest equipment on the market to stay up-to-date. While integrating old and new devices together into one network can be tricky, there are solutions available to do just that. Luckily, with Kepware’s software solutions, manufacturers can easily connect a myriad of devices through a variety of protocols on their plant floor using a single application. FZ is excited to announce our partnership with Kepware in order to help our customers streamline their device connectivity.

With its ability to communicate with almost all manufacturing IO devices, Kepware harmonizes the plant floor to a single language, OPC-UA (OPC Unified Architecture), even between different brands or generations of devices. It’s a gateway between business systems and the plant floor, allowing for easy connectivity of both to cloud infrastructure right out of the box. On top of simplifying your plant floor architecture, it facilitates added flexibility, responsiveness, security, and improved reporting capabilities for your plant processes.

FZ is here and ready to help you understand industrial solutions such as Kepware, finding the best fit to suit your needs. As an industry and integration expert, we have the expertise necessary to provide your facility with the best software installation, maintenance, and support.

Because FZ is an official partner of the PTC Partner Network, we have access to Kepware and their new enterprise-ready platform. This model will allow for device translation in scale, letting manufacturers consider better system architectures and new ways of solving problems. For manufacturers undergoing Digital Transformation, this scalable framework simplifies the steps needed to complete the pilot phase of the journey.

E.B. Sonheim, Marketing Manager


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