FACTON Starts 2018 With Momentum: New Trademark, Record Sales, and Industry’s Largest Installation of Enterprise Product Costing

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February 06, 2018
Troy, Michigan – FACTON, the leader in Enterprise Product Costing (EPC), is starting the new calendar year with great momentum, according to Ruediger Stern, FACTON President North America.
“We are pleased to announce the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted us exclusive use of the FACTON EPC name as our trademark in the U.S.,” said Stern. “We are committed to continuing our growth in North America, where manufacturers have quickly moved to adopt the leading enterprise product costing solution: FACTON EPC.”
FACTON finished 2017 with a record number of new sales to manufacturers, with a particular concentration in automotive suppliers, including DURA Automotive, Fisher & Company and Henniges Automotive. “The automotive industry leads all manufacturing industries in disciplined costing and estimating, so it’s no surprise to us that they’re the fastest adopters of FACTON EPC,” said Stern.
Additionally, FACTON completed the implementation of the world’s largest installation of enterprise product costing software, with over 500 users deployed at a global automotive OEM. Details on this implementation will be released separately.
Stern attributes FACTON’s ongoing success to the company’s industry-leading functionality and the easily calculated return on investment for the company’s software solution. “The return on investment numbers we’re hearing from our customers are unheard of in enterprise software: as quickly as 4-6 months in many cases,” said Stern. “They have come to realize that costing and estimating needs to be treated as mission-critical enterprise operations, and deserve to be supported by an enterprise-class software platform. Spreadsheets are not an enterprise-class platform,” said Stern.
FACTON and an independent research firm published findings that show that speed and accuracy of costing and quoting suffer when manufacturers rely on Excel spreadsheets; time and resources are wasted and the quoting process is slowed by these and other legacy desktop applications. FACTON EPC was designed as a true enterprise solution, with a centralized database of materials, components, and costs, along with detailed tracking and audit trails for all quotations.
The FACTON EPC Suite is the leading Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) solution for the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering and electronics industries. Its specific solutions offer robust answers to the requirements of executive management and individual departments within the enterprise. FACTON EPC enables standardized, enterprise-wide costing independent of location and department for maximum product cost transparency throughout every phase of the product life cycle. Businesses accelerate their costing, achieve pinpoint cost accuracy and secure their profitability.
FACTON was founded in 1998 and has locations in Potsdam, Dresden, Stuttgart and Detroit. Hasso Plattner, founder and chairman of the supervisory board of SAP AG, has supported this innovative company since 2006. The international portfolio of customers includes Ford Motor Company, Henniges Automotive, Fisher & Company, DURA Automotive Systems, Airbus, Mahle Behr, MANN+HUMMEL, Porsche and other renowned manufacturers.

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Valerie Valentine, Marketing Manager
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