ETA Inc., Engineering Technology Associates and UBECO Announce New Partnership

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August 07, 2019

TROY, Michigan (USA) /Iserlohn, Germany – August 5, 2019 –  ETA, Inc. (Engineering Technology Associates), an engineering and software innovator with over 36 years in the transportation and engineering community, has signed a partnership with UBECO Germany. UBECO GmbH specializes in developing roll-forming software PROFIL. The PROFIL software system has been used for the design of cold rolled profiles and roll tooling for roll formers for more than three decades.

PROFIL is a roll forming design software for every manufacturer of cold roll-formed profiles or seamed tubes from sheet metal and for designers of roll formers and tube mills.PROFIL uses LS-DYNA as the solver. 

This new partnership authorizes ETA to distribute UBECO’s software platform PROFIL along with their services in the USA, China and India.

“In the past, roll form design was a tedious job and it was created by trial and error. A lot of experience was necessary and if the design failed, it was costly and caused time delays. The result of the design couldn’t be checked before the profile ran on the machine. So UBECO aimed to make the design safer, quicker and less expensive. The team developed an interface for the FEA system along with LS-DYNA in collaboration with the experts at DYNAmore. The FEA system acts as a “Virtual Roll Forming Machine” that shows the same result as the actual machine. Today, UBECO is proud to present ETA as a powerful reseller for this roll forming solution on a global scale.”
– Roland Brandegger, General Manager, UBECO

“UBECO’s PROFIL software platform utilizes LS-DYNA as the solver for roll-forming and provides a complementary roll-forming design solution to DYNAFORM (forming & die design solutions). The collaboration between PROFIL and DYNAFORM will provide a complete virtual manufacturing solution for current and future manufacturing communities. This platform will also enhance the DYNAFORM/LS-DYNA technology to further reduce the product design and manufacturing cycle time. ETA is thrilled to announce this partnership and looking forward to establishing this collaboration worldwide.” 
– Dr. Akbar Farahani, CEO & President, ETA

About ETA, Inc. 
Advanced product development engineers working as structural analysts for the world’s largest automotive manufacturers established ETA in 1983. ETA’s expertise in providing product design & development solutions from concept to production, along with supplying research and innovation using CAE, CAD and optimization tools (Durability, Vehicle Dynamics, NVH, Crash/Safety, Die System Structure and Manufacturing Processes). Proactive in the creation and implementation of new technology and software, ETA’s products include; ACP OpDesign™*, DYNAFORM, PreSys®and VPG Suite™.   
For further information about ETA and its products, please visit or call 248.729.3010

*Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) ProcessÒ

About UBECO GmbH
Established in 1985 as a team of software developers in the field of sheet metal design. UBECO soon incorporated designers to build roll forming tools in collaboration with roll forming companies in Germany. This generated public appeal allowing UBECO to develop the roll forming software PROFIL (German term for ‘profile’). In the early 2000’s UBECO presented the first software system for FEA simulation with a user-friendly GUI that could be used by designers. In the following years, the interface has been improved substantially until in 2013 the interface to the leading FEA systems LS-DYNA was presented. Today, many designers worldwide use PROFIL to design roll forming tools. For further information about UBECO and PROFIL, please visit   

Keisa Allen, Marketing Manager


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