Dynamics Group Leverages Additive Manufacturing to Produce Tooling for Process Improvements

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June 11, 2021
Based in Madison Heights, Michigan, Dynamics Group helps companies design & engineer their tools, prototypes, and parts. For more information, visit dynamics-group.com, or email j.tamm@dynamics-group.com

Our MarkForged X7 3D printer allows us to create tooling for process improvements. For example, this 3D printed checking fixture will enable us to check a part's fit before shipment. This fixture is incorporated with off-the-shelf screws secured to a machined plate.

Says Jonathon Tamm Executive Vice President of Business Development
3D Printed Checking Fixture

Features and benefits of producing tooling and parts by additive manufacturing include
· Shorter Lead Time to Produce a Part
· Cost Reduction (geometry dependent)
· Design Freedom for Engineers
        Additive manufacturing can produce complex geometries that subtractive manufacturing cannot.

Product Availability

This service is available immediately, and we look forward to working with engineers, operations and facilities to provide solutions for their challenges.

Founded in 2014, Dynamics Group is an engineering and prototyping leader focused on providing engineering and manufacturing solutions. www.dynamics-group.com
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Jonathon Tamm, Executive Vice President of Business Development
j.tamm@dynamics-group.com, (248) 251-5779