“Cognitive Sourcing and AI in the Global Supply Chain” Interview with Richard Barnett, Sr. VP at LevaData and global supply chain expert

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September 05, 2019’s latest Audio Interview, “Cognitive Sourcing and AI in the Global Supply Chain features Richard Barnett, Sr. VP Marketing at LevaData, and overall global supply chain expert.
In the 26-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Barnett discusses these questions:
·         What do you mean by Cognitive Sourcing, and what is its relationship to AI?
·         What does adoption look like in automotive, and how does that compare to other industries?
·         Electronics are making up an increasingly larger % of a car's cost. What role can AI play in helping automotive sourcing teams as they invest more heavily in this area?
·         The shift in-demand for electronic components across automotive, industrial, and communications is the main driver for volatile pricing and availability (in what have historically been stable markets). How can sourcing plan ahead given the unpredictable nature of these markets?
·         Cars obviously require much longer planning and development cycles than most consumer electronics, where sourcing and NPI teams are expected to move extremely fast. How can automotive adopt some of the agility that's been inherent in industries with shorter product lifecycles? Any helpful learnings from these markets?
·         There's a lot of uncertainty around the global trade environment and the possible impact of additional tariffs. Especially because most automotive supply chains can't easily move to new locations or quickly select new suppliers in different geographies, how can sourcing plan ahead?
·         After a lot of activity last year, forward movement on USMCA has stalled in Congress. What do you think will happen next?
About Richard Barnett
Richard Barnett is Sr. VP, Marketing at LevaData. Richard believes that a customer’s success is his success. Over his twenty year career, he’s worked for both scrappy start-ups, supply chain innovators like i2 Technologies and GT Nexus, and tech luminaries like Microsoft. He is passionate about driving massive performance improvements through the latest in AI technologies. Richard has dual degrees from Stanford University in Political Science and International Policy Studies.
Click here to listen to the Audio Interview:
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