China Conference (Nov.15th): China New Mobility Expert and Chinese A/V Startup Join Ford, UM, and KPMG China Experts to Discuss the Current, Future Chinese Auto Industry

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November 12, 2018
The “Inside China: Understanding China's Current and Future Auto Industry” Conference on November 15 in Ann Arbor, Michigan is hosted by Automotive Futures Group, and co-sponsored by  The Conference features a number of timely presentations by a China New Mobility Expert and a Chinese A/V Startup, who will join Ford, UM, and KPMG China Experts to Discuss the Current, Future Chinese Auto Industry.
Confirmed speakers include:
·         Bruce Belzowski, Managing Director, Automotive Futures, will moderate the conference and present his updated research on China’s EV policies.
·         Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Senior Economist, UM Energy Institute, will discuss her views on the current and future course of China’s auto industry based on her experience as Chief Economist of the US Department of Commerce and Ford Motor Company.
·         John Jullens, Partner, KPMG Consulting, will provide his analysis of the Chinese auto manufacturers and suppliers based on his years of experience working in China.
·         Jinyun Liu, Director of the Center for Employment and Labor Relations at UM’s Economic Growth Institute, will present his views on the labor laws and current labor issues facing China based on his years of research and practice in China.
·         Mike Wang, CEO, Quadrobot, will discuss his new last mile delivery vehicle, his experience as a Chinese startup in the US, and his relationship with Michigan and potential relationship with the UM for development.
For more information on attending or gaining access to the speaker presentations, please visit this page:
Audio Interview:
Global Business Professor’s Audio Interview, “Inside China:  Understanding China's Current and Future Auto Industry” features Bruce M. Belzowski, Managing Director, Automotive Futures Group in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA) and former University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.
Click here to listen to the Audio Interview:
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