Area manufacturers can learn how to build their talent pipelines at Automation Alley event March 7 workshop will spotlight the state of Michigan’s industry-driven MAT2 apprenticeship program

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March 01, 2019
TROY – Area employers will have an opportunity to learn about an innovative apprenticeship program that aims to help them build a pipeline for high-skill technical careers during a workshop at the Automation Alley offices in Troy on Thursday, March 7.
“The Advantage of MAT2 – Your Company’s Future Depends on New Talent,” sponsored by the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest Inc. (GACC Midwest), will explain how the state’s Michigan Advanced Technician Training program – known as MAT2 (“Mat-squared”) – helps employers address the escalating Professional Trades talent shortage.
MAT2, administered by the Michigan Talent Investment Agency, is an apprenticeship program that addresses two critical issues facing the manufacturing and technology industries: a widening skills gap and an aging workforce, by helping employers to build a sustainable pipeline of talent.
“Through MAT2, employers have access to incredible resources to help them find and train the skilled workforce they need,” said Virginia Rounds, director of Apprenticeship Programs at GACC Midwest. GACC Midwest was selected to assist with program management of MAT2 last year, due to its successful management of the ICATT Apprenticeship Program.
Rounds will speak at the Automation Alley event along with a MAT2 employer, who will give a first-hand view of their experience training their next generation of skilled employees with MAT2.
Employers benefit from a ready-made program they can implement, support in customizing their on-the-job training, as well as a pool of candidates to help support their recruiting efforts.
MAT2 students alternate between classroom instruction and on-the-job training, gaining the necessary hands-on skills and real-world experiences for them to become successful and productive members of the skilled workforce.
MAT2 is part of the state’s Going PRO campaign, which is designed to elevate the perception of Professional Trades and showcase opportunities in a variety of rewarding careers in industries such as information technology, health care, advanced manufacturing and construction. Estimates indicate Michigan will have 811,000 Professional Trades job openings through 2024.
The March 7 workshop will run from 8:30-10:30 a.m. at Automation Alley, 2675 Bellingham Drive,
Troy. Employers may register for the event at
For more information about MAT2, please visit

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