9th Generation Nanodiamond Crystals Now Available

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January 18, 2019
9th Generation Detonation Synthesis Nanodiamond Crystals are now available. Our proprietary 9th generation refining process minimizes the need for complex processes and sophisticated equipment to effectively use nanodiamond crystals. Our 2-6 nm (initial crystal size) crystals are available in powder form and often require only high shear mixing to include them in many products or processes. This opens the door for enhanced, high performance surface coatings, polymers and monomers, resin systems, paint systems, electrochemical plating systems, and a myriad of tribology applications.

Nanodiamond crystals are utilized to increase material strength, resist wear, alter the insulating properties of fluids for improved temperature stability and lower operating temperature, reduce power consumption, extend the life of contacting metal surfaces, and in cosmetic or medical applications. The crystals are produced in application specific grades.
Marshall Weingarden, President
(248) 529-3873

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