RPB Safety, LLC

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Royal Oak, MI 48073
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    Respirator ManufacturerHere’s why every business that takes safety seriously needs RPB:

    Incorporating multiple pieces of personal protective equipment into one, our products provide all-encompassing protection from your environment. Reducing maintenance and ongoing consumable costs, RPB gets you more for your money.

    Safety is non-negotiable, so we make respirators you want to wear. We believe in the importance of investing in the staff's well-being. The return? A happier and more productive workforce.

    RPB gear is made in the USA using high-quality materials and components sourced from trusted global partners that not only meet rigorous raw material standards but often exceed them!

    Our innovative and thorough approach to ensuring we’re always offering the very best level of safety has led us to create game-changing products like the lightest respirator for heavy industrial use on the market and even bespoke solutions for unique challenges.

    Striving for the best starts with understanding the issues and asking questions of what we can do better until we have a solution. Our R&D begins on the factory floor, carried out by our team of global specialists.

    The products we create are for you, that’s why we take on board your feedback when we create and develop our respirators.

    We may not be the biggest, but we think that’s what lets us be the best. We’re agile, moving faster to keep up market demands in design and performance.