Court Clinical Psychologist

Oakland County
Job Description

Under direction, performs court ordered psychological evaluations of clients, especially those cases of a more complex nature, and makes recommendations to Judges and Referees for purposes of aiding the Courts in making decisions.  Composes recommendations that meet legal requirements of the Court and address placement, treatment and other related issues.  Administers, scores, interprets psychometric and projective tests, and writes comprehensive reports detailing findings. Testifies in court regarding diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations.   May conduct group and individual counseling sessions for children and families. May assist in coordinating in-service training programs for Court staff.  Addresses, evaluates, and credits the custody and parenting time factors, best interest factors and custodial environment in making a recommendation to the Court in a custody or parenting time dispute.  Performs other special projects as assigned. Utilizes current Countywide and/or department specific software to complete assignments.


Minimum Qualifications

All applications must clearly indicate how the Minimum Qualifications, if applicable, are met. Provide as much detail as possible under employment history along with the hours worked per week at each job.


All applicants for this classification must upload a copy of their college transcript under the attachment section. This section is used for transcripts only. Do not upload any other documents such as reference, cover letter, resume, etc. NOTE: If a job offer is made, an official transcript will be required. 

At the time of application, applicant must:

1.   Possess a Master's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in
      Psychology, or related area; AND
2.    Possess a limited license from the Michigan Department of Community Health as a
       Psychologist; AND

3.    Have had two (2) years of full-time experience as a Clinical Psychologist. 

NOTE:  A temporary limited license may be accepted provided the full limited license is obtained by the end of the six-month probationary period at the employee's own expense.
4.    Possess a valid United States motor vehicle operator's or chauffeur's license.  Out of Country driver's license holders will be required to obtain the appropriate valid State of Michigan driver's license before the hire date.

5.    Pass the complete examination, including the employment medical, established for this class.

6.     Successfully complete the six-month probationary period.

Special Requirements

Employees of this class must maintain limited licensure as a Clinical Psychologist as issued by the Michigan Department of Community Health.
Must maintain a valid driver's or chauffeur's license.


Contact Information

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