Deputy II - Road Patrol

Oakland County
Job Description

Under general supervision and as a regular Deputy Sheriff appointed by the Oakland County Sheriff, performs duties within the Patrol or Investigative & Forensic Services areas.  As a Deputy II patrols in authorized areas to prevent crime, protect life and property, enforce laws and Michigan Vehicle Code, preserve the peace, and give aid, relief and information to citizens. Deputy IIs respond to calls, perform preliminary investigations, prepare reports, testify in court and may serve as group leaders at scenes of crimes or accidents. Deputy IIs assigned to the Aviation Unit operate Sheriff's Office aircraft and perform aerial patrols and respond to radio calls as directed by communications, Patrol Services and Command. Deputy IIs in Investigative & Forensic Services obtain warrants, transport and arraign prisoners, and execute arrest warrants.  Deputy IIs in this division may travel out of state on extraditions. Deputy IIs may be required to conduct investigations when assigned by the Division Commander or to serve in special undercover assignments. May be required to conduct background investigations and interview prospective employees and/or deputy candidates. In all areas, physically restrains individuals when necessary.  Shift assignments include some weekend work. Work shifts may be day, afternoon, midnight or such special hours as required by a particular assignment to ensure the smooth running of Sheriff's Office operations. Deputy IIs may perform the duties of Deputy Is as required and may conduct complete investigations as a designated Patrol Investigator. Utilizes current Countywide and/or department specific software to complete assignments.


Minimum Qualifications

All applicants for this classification must upload a copy of their successful completion of the Police Academy or MCOLES license under the attachment section. This section is used for license/certificate only. Do not upload any other documents such as references, cover letter, resume, etc.

At the time of application, applicant must:

1.  Must be a United States citizen.

2.  Have successfully completed police academy training or its equivalent (as required by the Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES).
NOTE: Must be MCOLES licensed or eligible to be licensed before the date of hire.

3.  Have had at least one (1) year of full-time experience as a certified law enforcement road patrol officer.                             

4.  Possess a valid United States motor vehicle operator's or chauffeur's license. Out of Country driver's license holders will be required to obtain the appropriate valid State of Michigan driver's license before the hire date.
5.  Have no prior felony convictions.  Misdemeanor convictions will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine qualifying status. Domestic violence convictions are basis for automatically disqualifying.

6.  Have at least corrected 20/20 vision in each eye, have normal color vision and depth perception in both eyes.

7.  Have normal corrected hearing in each ear, per Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES).

8.  Pass the complete examination, including the employment physical required for this classification.

9.  Successfully complete the one year probationary period.

Special Requirements

1.  Must maintain a valid United States motor vehicle operator's or chauffeur's license, firearms qualification and deputization status.
2.  Must be MCOLES licensed or eligible to be licensed before the date of hire.
3.  A background investigation will be conducted covering an evaluation of employment, school, home, criminal, military, or other personal records.Any conviction or convictions for moving traffic violations, accidents, non-moving traffic violations, or violations of other laws will be reviewed by the Sheriff Office before an applicant can be appointed. Information obtained during the background investigation will be considered in the hiring decision.Convictions of the Domestic Violence Statute will be a disqualifying factor.

4.  A psychological exam will be conducted. This information will be reviewed by the Human Resources department before an applicant can be appointed. Information obtained during the psychological examination will be considered in the hiring decision. 


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