dSPACE Introduces the Next Generation of Its Compact In-Vehicle Prototyping System MicroAutoBox

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November 19, 2019
Paderborn, November 19, 2019. Increasingly demanding prototyping applications for the development of autonomous or electrically powered vehicles, as well as growing demands for connectivity and safety in function development, call for powerful in-vehicle prototyping systems. With the new MicroAutoBox III, dSPACE now presents its completely updated real-time system geared to current and future requirements.
Quad-Core Processor for More Computing Power
Complex control algorithms require increasing computing power. To meet these demands, the MicroAutoBox III is equipped with a quad-core ARM® processor that has up to 16 times more processing power in each core than its predecessor, the MicroAutoBox II. In addition, large models can be executed thanks to significantly more flash and DDR4 memory.
Established I/O Variants and Stronger Focus on Buses and Networks
The MicroAutoBox III is available in the established I/O variants of the MicroAutoBox II. This makes migration to the new system particularly easy, because existing wiring harnesses can simply be reused. In addition to numerous analog and digital inputs, each version of the MicroAutoBox III provides maximum connectivity by means of three Ethernet ports (Gigabit Ethernet) for the host connection and other devices, as well as two automotive Ethernet ports (100/1000 BASE-T1) as a standard. In the future, a Wi-Fi option for wireless access will be available, as well as a new DS1521 version of the MicroAutoBox III, which covers vehicle networking and has numerous automotive bus and network interfaces. This variant is particularly suitable for developments addressing the centralization of the E/E architecture, such as higher-level domain controllers or gateway applications.
Model Transfer via ConfigurationDesk Software
dSPACE ConfigurationDesk (configuration and implementation software), along with the dSPACE Bus Manager, have already proven their worth on the systems of the dSPACE SCALEXIO product family. These tools let users easily reuse models (Simulink, FMU) and I/O configurations, and switch between the MicroAutoBox III and SCALEXIO systems. This reduces the implementation effort for new development projects and increases consistency between compact and modular systems.
New Embedded PC for the MicroAutoBox III
For various applications, such as the development of driver assistance systems, PC systems are often used in addition to real-time systems. dSPACE , therefore, will soon offer its own embedded PC with Intel® Xeon® processor and 10 Gbit Ethernet interfaces for the MicroAutoBox III. The Embedded PC can be used in the same housing as the MicroAutoBox III, providing a small footprint or as a stand-alone system. It is suitable for various Linux- and Windows®-based applications. For example, it can run ControlDesk or RTMaps.
Easy Migration to the New System
To make switching from the MicroAutoBox II to the new system as easy and convenient as possible, dSPACE supports its customers not only by reusing existing cable harnesses, but also by providing a script that converts RTI-based models to ConfigurationDesk-based models.
About dSPACE
dSPACE develops and distributes integrated hardware and software tools for developing and testing electronic control units. As a one-stop supplier, dSPACE is a sought-after partner and solution provider in many development areas of the automotive industry, from electromobility to vehicle networking to autonomous driving. The company's customer base therefore includes virtually all major vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. dSPACE systems are also used in the aerospace and other industries. With approximately 1,800 employees worldwide, dSPACE is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany; has three project centers in Germany; and serves customers through regional dSPACE companies in the USA, the UK, France, Japan, China, and Croatia.
Alicia Garrison, Marketing Manager, (248) 295-4704


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