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    Dr. Rim, founder-president of IMET, owns 3 USA patents for improving engine fuel efficiency and emission by the GreenPower-Muffler retrofit technology. It adds water to the Muffler heat-exchanger to make ''HEGR'' to reduce NOx and save fuel. This is a Breakthrough technology for all internal combustion engines. Dr. Rim claims that IMET demonstrated the world's first HCCI concept on a marine engine on the vessel. The GreenPower retrofit system reduced PM-NOx emission. The fuel-saving of more than 15% is now claimed, because 15% of water was consumed as in Bosch's Water-Injection system commercialized for BMW-M4-sports car. The Port of Los Angeles awarded IMET a grant-Award to commercialize and demonstrate IMET-technology for Ocean Going Vessels(OGV). Our H-EGR system reduced NOx without Urea-SCR by utilizing a Low Temperature Combustion (LTC) theory, now being commercialized by Mazda's HCCI concept car to be commercialized in 2019. Our new division,Diesel Solutions, Inc(DSI) was created to fix the VW's dieselgate scandal cars. IMET's GreenPower Muffler technology can meet the US-Phase l and Phase-ll regulation for all trucks in the USA by 2027.