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    The Electromagnetic Radio Spectrum is a shared resource that is almost transparent in our lives until a mobile call is dropped or a required test is failed. Then engineers are called in to investigate. Often these engineers lack the skills required to resolve the issue and companies hire consultants like me to quickly resolve the issues.

    The best approach to EMC is as a group activity. The nature of radio frequency energy confinement requires control of the physical conductive and non-conductive shapes. As mechanical engineers control these shapes, they need EMC training. Yet classical EMC courses requires advance math skills in vector calculus to solve Maxwell’s equations.

    The trick is that by understanding the results of Maxwell’s equations rather than the arduous math, the full engineering team can quickly learn their individual parts in designing EMC compliance into products. No more missed deadline, no more missed commitments and no more budget overruns.

    As an EMC Consultant I provide EMC Training, Risk Assessments, Design Reviews and Consulting Services.