Electronic Design and Packaging Co. ('' EDP Company '')

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Livonia, MI 48150
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    Founded in 1981 as a designer of ultrasonic sensors, Electronic Design and Packaging Co (''EDP Company'') is a full service PCB assembly and electronic contract manufacturing house dedicated to world-class product quality and the success of our customers. Our philosophy of doing whatever is necessary to support and satisfy our customers makes us a virtual extension of their organizations. In support of this mission, our production and testing technology enables us to produce consistently high quality products with 100% on time delivery. Our highly skilled in-house staff ensures that we fulfill every technical, commercial and logistical need of our customers. We use inert gas soldering in a nitrogen atmosphere, which eliminates oxygen and oxidation issues and creates perfect results. EDP Company also satisfies our customers & climatic testing needs by providing three sizes of thermal test chambers for functional testing of vehicles, powertrains, and components under extreme conditions of temperature (cold and heat), wind, solar loading and humidity.