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    We are a Detroit, MI-based Industry 4.0 technology company that built the essential connected worker platform for people who don't have the choice to work from home. The platform consists of 2 SaaS solutions:

    Smart Work Station, which automates front line work in labor-intensive companies by connecting workers to the rest of the organization, generating significant value and savings by elevating productivity, training, and quality. Companies can quickly train workers with adaptive e-learning and microlearning, automate workflows with step-by-step guidance and capture a wealth of data that for most companies is hidden or locked in paper-based systems.

    Safely Pass, which helps companies digitize their workplace safety and health compliance protocols to achieve new levels of safety at lower costs. Use cases include health monitoring, digital passes, and permits for work that involves high-risk situations, mass communication, micro-learning, as well as site entry protocols for visitors and contractors.

    Companies that use Andonix technology are able to mitigate the impact of labor shortages and increased rotation, proving a lifeline for employees and employers in labor-intensive companies.

    Unlike traditional enterprise software, Andonix software solutions are quick to deploy and easy to use, which helps to drive up user adoption and ultimately translates into an ROI for clients that can be measured in days, not months or years.

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