Service Technician – Pressbrake/Sheer (Full Time)

Job Description
Service Technician – Pressbrake/Sheer

Location: Lake Orion, MI
Duration: Fulltime

General Description:
- Ability to do mechanical installation. (Machine cover frame, main body, any parts replacement from mechanical side, etc.)
- Ability to read mechanical parts drawings.
- Ability to measure electrical voltage (electronic part from part, main electric voltage in company, etc.)
- Ability to do electrical parts installation and wiring on electrical cabinet.
- Ability to read electrical scheme drawings.
- Ability to check laser cutting head optics and if need, replace optics.
- Ability to create laser cutting parameters.
- Needs to know something general for CNC programing (NC and PLC).
- Needs to know something general for CAD programing (drawing and nesting).
- When need, to talk with our part supplier for resolve the problem (IPG, Precitec, Siemens, etc.).

- Excellent verbal and written communication
- Problem solving
- Service orientation
- Active listening
- Willing to learn
- Ability to help customers over the phone, via internet and at their own facility.

Job Qualifications (One of the following):
- No experience and has the ability to learn.
- 3 - 5 years' experience.
- Acquired 3-5+ years with experience on our machines.
- Ideal candidates will have 10 years of experience, strong knowledge and experience with Durma machines, knowledge about pressbrake/sheer, and an electrical or mechanical background.
- Training will be provided, including 2 weeks of training at the World Headquarters in Turkey.

Additional Information:
Candidates must be technically savvy and be able to work well with computers.
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