Production Planner

Reliance One, Inc.
Job Description
Production Planner Responsibilities
  • The Planner reviews ERP planned orders in release time frame on a daily basis for production
  • Releases work orders, or analyzes, develops and implements a plan to overcome any obstacles before releasing work orders
  • Audits orders, resolves material / component conflicts and releases orders or returns to Customer Service for re-planning
  • Recommends changes to current lead times, order policy, and shrinkage factors that are missing or inconsistent with current practices
  • Enters non-standard order parameters into ERP system
  • Corrects issues to work orders that do not support completed assemblies
  • Locates source of parts and corrects issues before work order closure
  • Provide various reports to support internal and or external metrics
  • Planning and prioritizing operations to ensure maximum performance with minimum delays
Production Planner Job Requirements
  • Ability to look at the production flow to determine manpower, equipment and material availability to cover demand
  • Coordinating production workflow for one or multiple products
  • 5 years’ experience in manufacturing / production environment
  • Strong navigational skills in ERP / MRP systems
  • 3 years’ experience in supply and demand
  • Ability to suggest or make improvements to current processes to better work flow in production
  • Ability to coordinate with frequent changes, delays or unexpected events
  • Execution of tasks across multiple departments
  • Following up with other internal departments to ensure all align with the schedule
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