Machine Build Tecnician II

Automation Movers International - AMI
Job Description

Job Summary:

Troubleshoot hardware/software on special machines according to customer specifications and within the confines of the agreed upon proposals/contracts. Communicates with Customers, Engineers, Program Managers and others during the course of the project. Frequently coordinates and directs work of others while acting in a leadership role during the machine debug and tryout phase through final customer acceptance.

Essential Functions:

1. Participates in and at times conducts test meetings to insure project requirements are met, especially all run off speciications and requirements.

2. Capable of developing, coordinating and safely implementing test plans utilizing the skills and input from other project team members.

3. Upon developing the test plan, the Machine Build Technician II will be responsible to proactively obtain the appropiate training or schedule the correct resource to address the sophisticated technical components/systems on the project.

4. Efficiently troubleshoot all components, wiring and plumbing utilizing the assistance of the assembly and electrical department employees, prior to software debug

5. Proactively obtains training to allow for effective debug of software.(PLC logic, commercial programming software, etc)

6. effectively communicate and coordinate the efforts of the other project team members during the machine try-out phase throughout customer acceptance.

7. Write clear and comprehensive service reports.


1. Basic knowledge and understanding of automation and electrical/computer theory, normally associated with an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.

2. Strong analytical and interpersonal skills, allowing effective problem solving.

3. Approximately five (5) years experience as an Automation Technician or Electrical Engineer.

4. Good communication skills and ability to deal effectively with customers, and all project team members.

5. Planning, organizational and problem solving skills.

6. Basic understanding of SPC

7. Strong understanding of PLC ladder logic, commercial programming software and a abasic understanding of other programming languages.

8. Basic knowledge and application of all types of welding.

9. Able to train customer personnel in operation and set-upof equipment.

10. Good computer skills and an understanding of computer hardware.

11. Ability to work in and promote a teamwork environment.

12. Posses a positive attitude.

13. Willingness and ability to learn.

14. Familiarization with electrical tools.

15. Ability to read and understand blueprints (mechanical Engineering, fluid power and electrical engineering).

16. fundamental knowledge of electricity.

Working conditions:

1. Manufacturing Environment.

2. Frequent field service trips with occasional lengthy durations.

3. Expected to work demanding schedulers.


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