CNC Lead 2nd Shift Livonia, MI

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Job Description

Set up, program, and operate all necessary equipment to produce, inspect, assemble and package all types of bearings and similar products. 

Equipment can include but may not be limited to CNC machines (with or without automated material handling), washers, assembly equipment of various types, or any other types of equipment that may be added, in order to have a complete manufacturing process. 

Duties include: 

  • Reading and understanding manufacturing drawings and setup plans
  • Writing and installing programs using portable computers or similar devices; selecting and installing proper tools in their proper geometric positions 
  • Selecting, installing, and cutting chuck jaws; dry running new programs; and working to debug new programs or implement changes 
  • Setup and operate all other equipment required for the process. 
  • Train, motivate, and direct other associates in the execution of their duties. 
  • Perform necessary preventive maintenance on all machines, troubleshoot and repair all machines, if capable, or notify management of issues or problems beyond senior associates knowledge  
  • Clean all equipment at the end of each shift. 
  • Perform as the leader of a team of associates to plan, organize, and schedule all necessary tasks to meet daily production and quality goals.
  • Read and follow drawings and operating and inspection procedures. 
  • Complete written SPC, inspection and production records, using proper forms or data gathering devices. 
  • Count and identify accepted items and maintain accurate and complete records of ail inspection results, as required. 
  • Follow all established Safety Procedures and properly use safety devices as provided. 
  • Assure continuity of machine operation during and unattended periods such as breaks, periods, shift changes, etc.
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