Equipment Design Detailer

Automation Movers International - AMI
Job Description
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Create detail and assembly drawings per customer requirements
2. Update detail and assembly drawings per assembly group feedback
3. Maintain proper revision column and title block information
5. Move and replace data in files while maintaining data integrity
6. Follow “red line” mark-up drawings, as required
8. Compare data within CAD system and identifies changes required
9. Communicate with other detailers and designers to coordinate all information necessary to produce a correct and complete print/file package
10. Creates internal work order documentation as needed
11. Create final documentation package and supply to customer
12. Perform other duties as assigned
1. Education and Experience ? Must meet one of the following:
a. Associate’s Degree in Engineering, Industrial Technology, or a related discipline, plus 2 to 4 years of related experience
b. High School Diploma or GED, plus 4 to 6 years of related experience
2. Experience with Solidworks software package
3. Strong knowledge, skills, and abilities in the following areas:
a. Machining exposure and knowledge
b. Mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical aptitude
c. Analytical and problem solving skills
d. Organizational and planning skills
e. Computer skills — proficiency using standard business software (including MS Office)
f. Written and verbal communications skills
g. Interpersonal skills — to confidently interact with individuals at all levels of authority and maintain professional demeanor in stressful or sensitive situations
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