Design Engineer

Automation Movers International - AMI
Job Description
Job Summary: Plans, performs, and manages new lighting projects in accordance with the development schedule and budget established by the customer.

1. Plans, performs, and manages the design, development, and transfer to manufacturing of new programs which may include lamps that must meet the requirements of more than one market
2. Communicates with product launch team members serving as technical liaison on all assigned projects
4. Ensures that product launch team meets design and development timing schedule established by the customer
5. Gathers all the data required to create drawings that meet manufacturing requirements  
7. Reviews drawings prior to going into checking department to ensure that drawings are complete and design intent is clearly represented
8. Oversees change management for the project, both customer and internal related change notices
9. Ensures that all changes to customer drawings are complete and recorded by the designer, and that document control has a copy of all drawings and accompanying paperwork prior to sending the package out to the customer
10. Oversees the release of CAD model and drawings to the customer system, and ensures that the data release is achieved in an accurate and timely manner
11. Leads and/or participates in Design Review meetings for assigned projects — scheduled as needed
13. Works with the Engineering Analysis group to ensure that all aspects of design development have been reviewed and approved to meet all customer, company, and legal requirements
14. Ensures that design validation testing is performed, and that all changes resulting from any test failures are completed
15. Establishes effective communications with customers on all assigned projects
16. Performs value analysis/value engineering throughout product development to save unnecessary cost.
17. Performs other duties as assigned
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