Welding Instructor

Automation Movers International - AMI
Job Description

Job Functions:

  • Prepare and provide all lecture, lab and classroom instruction according to the required curriculum.
  • Follow current course outlines, objectives, and evaluation mechanisms for the program. Maintain a lesson plan on daily instructional events.
  • Instructs students in subject areas, i.e., use, maintenance, and the safe operations of tools and equipment, codes or regulations related to the welding industry.
  • Instructs student in the importance of accuracy, neatness, efficiency, resourcefulness and good work habits in obtaining employment in manufacturing.
  • Grading assignments, returning graded assignment to students and assigning final grades for all students in a timely manner. Advise students as it relates to school policies, satisfactory performance, etc.
  • Maintain communication with Manager of Operations and Industrial Training regarding all activity.
  • Submit in writing current textbook, supply, and equipment needs to the Manager. Monitor consumable supplies as well as educational materials from administrative office when needed.
  • Maintain professional appearance and attitude at all times. Ensure that students follow the course objectives daily.
  • Attend all scheduled mandatory meetings set by cooperate operations.
  • Serve on committee (e.g., curriculum development, retention, etc.) as assigned based upon expertise or strategic need. Other duties as assigned.
  • Maintain an 90% + Graduation and employment rate. Monitor student attendance and retention and document as required by the administration.


  • High School Diploma required with AWS, CWI, CWE certification or related experience.
  • Five (5) years of experience required in manufacturing and welding with two (2) years of training.
  • Exceptional organizational, communication, and team building skills.
  • Ability to teach others and inspire the group of students.
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