Wire Harness Designer

Reliance One, Inc.
Job Description
Wire Harness Designer Responsibilities
  • Design and package components and wire harnesses in a 3D vehicle environment, including splice locations at the harness level (where a splice is placed on the wire harness)
  • Identify critical packaging areas that require harness shielding or special support such as brackets, screw holes and weldnuts
  • Adhere to customer specific drafting standards
  • Provide support in the promotion of design proposals to wiring engineer and customer
  • Prepare 3D model for release to customer
  • Develop concept design for harness shield components and brackets
  • Provide 3D model optimization for technical, cost competitiveness and manufacturability
  • Synchronize 3D and logic data
  • Interact with Design Release Engineer to ensure design is feasible for customer assembly
  • Interact with Application Engineer to ensure design is feasible for manufacturing
Wire Harness Designer Requirements
  • Associates Degree or equivalent experience, Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Prior UGNX experience required
  • Ability to troubleshoot and rework wire harnesses, in warehouses or assembled on vehicles, during wire harness or vehicle builds
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
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