Release Engineer

Reliance One, Inc.
Job Description
Release Engineer Responsibilities
  • Design and release WH assemblies at Ford (Utilize WERS / Team Center)
  • Achieve program internal design / development expectations through Product Realization Process
  • Read, comprehend, and utilize vehicle schematics to develop and validate WH designs
  • Comprehend / mark-up / sign off 2D WH drawings
  • Identify, track, and resolve open issues
  • Good communication, time management, and interpersonal skills required
  • Mark-up cost study drawings and submit cost to customer
  • Interface directly with external customer-PMT, PAT, customer engineers, and launch team
  • Interface with systems engineers and 3D designers to develop and validate WH designs
  • Interface with internal customer “Company’s” cross-functional groups, program managers, and division management
  • Support 100% on-time print release for all program milestones as identified in “Company’s” development timing plan
Release Engineer Requirements
  • 4 year BSEE / BSME / BSBA or equivalent degree with experience as a WH Release Engineer (MUST requirement)
  • 3 to 5 years WH experience is a MUST
  • Proficient in MS office software (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.)
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