Prototype Engineer

Reliance One, Inc.
Job Description
Prototype Engineer Responsibilities
  • Part models will be pulled from the queue, set up in the CARBON software and run in the machines
  • After the parts are grown, then cleaning and delivery of the parts will be necessary
  • CARBON 3D is an emerging technology that requires dedicated support as equipment settings and processing technique greatly affects the quality of the output
  • This engineer will be challenged with working with the representatives from CARBON to address issues that arise on a day to day basis
  • In addition, DOE’s will need to be carried out in order to identify more efficient and reliable ways to repeatedly make parts with great consistency
Prototype Engineer Requirements
  • Evaluation of beta samples of new resins and providing constructive Feedback to CARBON will be also required
  • This Engineer will be required to document findings and studies and formalize procedures so that the knowledge can be shared as our reliance on CARBON 3D is expected to grow beyond Southfield Region
  • Looking for someone with 3 years’ experience
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