Logistics Manager

Reliance One, Inc.
Job Description
Logistics Manager Responsibilities
  • This position directs and manages materials management, warehousing, receiving, production scheduling, material planning and handling, material distribution to work cells, packaging, inventory control and accuracy, cycle counting and customer / vendor interface
  • Supervise material planning, production scheduling, and customer service areas
  • Develop annual departmental budget and cost controls to meet overall company financial objectives
  • This includes development of annual freight budget and monitoring adherence to it
  • Determine the annual department goals and objectives
  • Effectively communicate these throughout the department and implement action with a sense of urgency to ensure the attainment of overall company goals and objectives
  • Confer and collaborate with other departments to develop an efficient work flow that will ensure customer demands are met
  • Ensure the accuracy of shipments to external customers
  • Manage Continuous Improvement within the department in conjunction with the continuous improvement activities of the facility
  • Ensure materials required for manufacturing operations are available when needed
  • This includes having reasonable stock of finished goods, work in process, and stock available
  • Consult with internal customers (manufacturing departments) to improve upon current materials / logistics processes; implement appropriate corrective actions or improvements
  • Review and analyze reports and data to determine causes of production scheduling and material management problems; implement effective corrective action(s) to resolve the problems
  • Develop and implement methods and procedures designed to eliminate customer delivery problems and improve delivery quality
Logistics Manager Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree required; B.S. in Engineering, Logistics, or a comparable field preferred
  • Ten or more years’ experience in manufacturing
  • Minimum of five years of progressive responsibility regarding materials management or manufacturing operations
  • Experience in an automotive or heavy duty truck manufacturing facility required
  • Two or more years’ experience with SAP required
  • Proficiency in an MRP II system required
  • Experience implementing and maintaining JIT methods
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