Automotive Technician

Reliance One, Inc.
Job Description
Automotive Technician Responsibilities
  • 75% of a typical day is spent on the floor fixing or calibrating equipment 
  • 25% of the day would be spent on administrative tasks, training, documentation, attending team meetings, problem solving, or addressing quality issues 
  • Working in the emissions lab doing day to day testing 
  • Calibrate emissions equipment 
  • Monthly calibrations, quarterly calibrations, annual calibrations 
  • Perform maintenance activities on emission equipment 
  • Technician background with experience in wiring and diagnosing equipment 
  • High level of trouble shooting abilities / experience 
  • Emission government regulation knowledge 
  • Performance maintenance with government regulations experience
  • Emissions experience with AVL Horiba equipment, or hardware Innova equipment 
  • Candidates have to supply their own basic hand tools (wrenches, screw drivers, meters, hard hats, etc.) 
Automotive Technician Requirements
  • Candidates must be shift flexible, this is a 24 hour facility 
    2 years of Emissions technician (testing and calibration) experience 
  • Vocational Schooling in Electrical technology, mechatronics, electrical, or mechanical 
  • Associates Degree in Automotive
  • Open to 1st or 2nd shift
  • Welding or fabrication experience (preferred)
  • Dealership or auto body shop experience (preferred)
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