Cost Engineer

Reliance One, Inc.
Job Description
Cost Engineer Responsibilities
  • The Cost Engineer is responsible for plant / corporate level costs and control including cost accounting, bill of material audits, cost analysis and special projects as requested
  • This position will work closely with manufacturing to understand issues and how they impact financial results as well as educate / inform departments on cost drivers and variances
  • Works as part of a cross-functional team to assist with managing and executing large programs
  • Develop Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets to support quantitative data analysis, provide business consulting, conduct research, prepare graphs and chart, and analyze and interpret cost and programmatic data
  • Support other tasks; including cost benefit analyses, cost proposal evaluation, and economic studies and analyses, as required
  • Research and develop cost methodologies, develop cost estimates, perform risk analysis and generate associated documentation
  • Analyze, evaluate and provide client recommendations for Total Ownership Cost (TOC), Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV), Life Cycle Cost Estimates (LCCE), Return-on-Investment (grayROI) and associated cost / financial management analyses
  • Interact with Production Control to ensure Bills of Materials (BOM) are accurate and up to date
  • Review and audit BOM’s to ensure they reflect the latest manufacturing practices
  • Analyze actual labor, material, and overhead cost against Standard / Budget
  • Research and explain variances
  • Report this information monthly or as needed
  • Implement and apply cost accounting policies and procedures as they are derived
  • Support executive management efforts for implementing and maintaining internal controls for operations, sales, engineering, and finance
  • Development of new labor and overhead rates, budget, and forecasts
  • Perform ad hoc product / plant cost analysis to support the operations
Cost Engineer Requirements
  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Industrial Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering, and at least three to five years of related experience in a cost accounting position in a manufacturing environment
  • Preferred: Master’s degree in business administration
  • Exposure to manufacturing departments / staff / activities cost accounting, reporting and variance analysis
  • Operations experience required
  • Ability to support a cross-functional plant management team
  • Proven ability to prioritize objectives and duties
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, ACEIT, SEER Suite and other cost estimating toolsets, including Crystal Ball or @Risk
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