MI Smart Factory Tour - Interested Companies

Thank you for your interest in Automation Alley’s MI Smart Factory Tour. Please fill out the information below and an Automation Alley representative will be in touch with further details.
This description will help Automation Alley select a cohort of students that are in a field that meet your talent needs.
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Automation Alley will arrange for a cohort of students to tour your facility. We typically try and accommodate 15-20 students/chaperones for each tour. Please provide the number of individuals you prefer in a tour.
Automation Alley will select a cohort of students that are studying a field that matches your talent needs. Please provide information for what area of study you typically hire.
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What type of talent are you interested in finding?
Are you interested in providing tours to high school students?
Many high school groups have reached out to Automation Alley in interest for factory tours. Are you interested in hosting a group of these students on a tour?

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